Pluriton, Orbem and Vencomatic Group start collaboration in sex determination with “Genus Focus” in the Netherlands and Belgium.

20 November 2023

Pluriton, distributor of hatching eggs, day-old chicks and pullets of the laying breeds H&N Brown Nick, H&N Super Nick and H&N Crystal Nick in…

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‘’The birds look better and healthier in our new aviary housing system’’

25 August 2023

Frank Janssen (55) is a calm and committed poultry farmer from Castenray in the south of the Netherlands. He has 150,000 pullets reared in…

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Impression new farm with winter garden

03 July 2023

Take a look at the stunning impression of the new conventional rearing house with winter garden at one of our producers. The new house…

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First flock of robust layers delivered from the new house

13 June 2023

Wilco Wijlhuizen, a rearer for Agromix, welcomed no fewer than 500 interested visitors to his farm during the open day on 26 May 2023.…

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‘Creating new life is the best part of my profession’

13 April 2023

A visit to Kevin Clijmans in Arendonk at one of the Pluriton hatcheries. This hatchery has a capacity of between 16 and 18 million…

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‘Build the trade first, then the organisation’

20 September 2022

Cees Blankestijn and Hans Groot Koerkamp, the men behind Pluriton, explain how they combined their expertise and experience in the poultry sector and their…

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